Spiritual Center

Faith community based plays vital role in following the SDG’s for implementation in line with a statement of our the then H.E. Secretary General UN Mr Kofi Annan

At Iskon Delhi Spiritual meeting with our Honorable Prime minister of India
Discussed how to bring and involve spiritual actions from Kanchi Kamakoti

Spirituality is an essential goal to be striven for by all. Spirituality is not an emanation from any religion, it is rather the developing of a mindset that teaches us to understand, and live in peace with, Nature and all life around us. It encourages us to question everything and to let reason  and rational logic guide us. It enjoins us to learn from our mistakes with out regret and to live in the present while being optimistic about the future. It unites us all and gives is an inner peace. Therefore spirituality makes us better citizens of the world and enables us to make the world a better place for all. As an old saying goes, – We are not human beings who go through a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings who go through a human experience.

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