Global Voice UNA Today- frame UN 2045 agenda

Every community requirement is must for their living without any difficulties while conserving the nature. The global voice shall play a vital role in promoting the reserving of resources while framing the UN 2045 agenda. UNA Today brings the documentary, documentations in the form of #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration. Strong together build the nations caption that “the going tough get” but with views of our dedicated academic professional “the tough get going “
This UN 2045 agenda reads and explains the methodology to follow by the UN member states. The thought pillar of this author and his team moving massively from the corridors of Asia, Europe & Africa. The cross-country research ideology shall be showcased in framing of UN 2045 agenda. The #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declarationworks as a pillar for the formation of 2045 agenda. We do agree UN 2045 documentary is not a small task but it will be possible from our different domains team of experts who are designed 24 streams with inclusive of pre & pro SDG’s research shall be possible in arriving a clarity of UN Vision 2045 which to be followed by UN member states.

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