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Research world Head of Un organisation had personal discussion at Geneva
WHO Geneva
ILO Geneva
ILO DDG Geneva
Gree Grouth Knowledge platform CEO
UNEP Geneva
Ymca Secretary General Geneva
Wfuna Genva
Wfuna Office Geneva Una Apt HO
Davos Russia House
Davos Andhra Prades
At Brics Innovation as Speaker
WEF meting at Davos
As Speaker with all African universities PhD students at cafe town university south Africa
West Bengal UNA
Dal House Himachala pradesh UNA
Climate Leaders with former Vice president of America
Climate Leaders
United Nations specialized agency Icao Canada
South Asia members at nepal
CFCC membership 2015 Paris
Partnership with Gfar Italy
Icsti Moscow
Permission letter for the operations by Ifuna secretary general
United Nations Head Office at Geneva
United Nations Head Office at Geneva