#Mahanandi Declaration

# Mahanandi declaration shall be positioned an unique working paper with a specific scientific method of approach and the same will be show cased before UN member states. The followed approach procedures of the corridor of #Ahobilam to Achampet workings of the Eco Spiritual tourism with inclusiveness of SDG’s are fully compared with the cross country research analysis from the other different countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa corridors. The specialty of the Declaration reads and explains to the every community that how Mahanandi stands its first to follow among others

Explained our concept note for approval at Icsti Member states
Explained our concept note and the same has been forwaded to 22 member countries including India that the project s coming at Mahanandi as declaration
Explained and addressed even at Brics

This knowledge development #Mahanandi Declaration will be shared in the world through science for all of ICSTI union of 22 and 12 partner member states, United Nations association and civil society Center for Green Economy India and Switzerland. This is the highest opportunity for our community to understand to grow as world leaders. Further the secretary general United Nations association of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Ambassador green Economy diplomatic position of ICSTI Moscow has specifically selected as the corridor of #Ahobilam to Achampet. This corridor concept note has designed and submitted for the permissions after intial dialogues with the local, and international bodies. The concept note has been discussed and submitted at the science for all for the implementation.The same has been sent to 22 countries science authorities of the government including India.. Hence this corridor is named as Ahobilam to Achampet with a center of Mahanandi to bring as Mahanandi declaration

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