It is some thing extra ordinary task.One shall have s different specific thought of action oriented approach towards the society irrespective of individual problems.

In my opinion The going the tough gets but The tough gets going if any one thinks towards society

Thinking about society itself is a service

Entering to the society in serving the community is social worker

Those social worker shall get identified as social activist During his journey period of constructing the system of social work

No doubt the social activism shall get many difference of opinions from the society

But it gives lot of experience in reforming the society as social reformer

The social reformer gets rich experience to elevate as social scientist

Then social scientist will appear as social philosopher

The problem is that to construct as social philosopher one shall have intelligence with a KNOWLEDGE BANK

How and who is intelligent

One has to lead as leader of Knowledge. such leader lead with a sustainable manner at every minute, and an hour, further he/she shall have dare enough to move any where, read regularly, analyse the system of challenges to stand up things as state leader. to be added more