Conference –# Ahobilam to Achampet Corridor at Collector’s Office, Kurnool Dt.

With the permission of District collector the meeting took place 7th March 2020 10.30 am in explaining to all the District head authorities that how the center of Mahanandi shall stand in fostering the UN and their related activities. Further how the community follows and understands the Do’s and Don’ts for their development in all means of the human well being after sharing the knowledge to bring the #Mahanandi Declaration with a scientific approach method of pre and pro SDG’s executions from the corridor. This Declaration shall show case the pride of #Mahanandi befor the UN member states platforms. The research of Execution  outcomes shall establish in the plat forms of respective in shaping better policies for better life of the human   

Africa Union Member Kenya High Commission Visited to have close relation ship for the corridor
Our Team Stands with at this corridor
Jaya Ramulu with African presidents about our concept Note