Main objective is that to Disseminate the UN activities through offline and online system such as

  • UN observance days and their related specialized agencies fostering info
  • SDG’s implementation
  • How to bring the research out comes to establish in the plat form of Multilateral agencies
  • Cross learning, knowledge sharing on different Identified 24 streams
  • Covering entire Andhra pradesh and Telangana youth community for their empowerment, community development and alternative lively hoods
  • Preparedness on any disaster, climate change and enlighting the pressing issues and many under UNA AP& Telangana ,CGE and  Icsti science for all

It is high time to disseminate the clear understanding of educating system to every community to produce the young early scientific research specialists on different domains to enable them to reach the heights of their life as world leaders. In this context our scientific work force moving towards an unique varsity. This Varsity shall function with the association of many related multi-later academic heads and the institutes.
Further we move to every school, college, universities, research institutions and the state, central and private bodies at the regions, sub regions and the nations, sub nations to share knowledge, and for cross learning in shaping of the better policies for the better life of people and to reserve the resources for our future generations .
These frame work practices shall be arrived from our upcoming corridors to arrive the cross country research analysis. The Mahanandi declaration shall stand to bring The Paris to Practical in establishing the achievements along with the challenges and opportunities with inclusiveness of UN global goals. The ways of Do’s and Dont’s shall reach the community for their development and especially for the young students internships on respective their core streams to enable them to get decent jobs at their dream fields

Appreciation article on Mr. Jayramulu, Secretary General, AP UNA published in a journal

“Mr. Jayramulu, Secretary General – AP UNA. A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. If Oscars were given for a job well done. I’d nominate you! I would like to congratulate for your fantastic achievement, your hard work and dedication to restructured Andhra Pradesh UN Associations, your commitment to excellence has inspired others.

Young Early Scientists

Our moments on the ground read and explain that how best we carried on disseminating the UN global goals. Further addressed at many platforms from the local schools, colleges, universities to international. During the period of our travel, we could find that most of the community is lacking with information.

UNA APT and science for all ICSTI and CGE India and Switzerland have initiated to be as informative body in the interest of the globe that how one can become the world leader with an YOUNG EARLY SCIENTIST capacity who can understand the Do’s and Don’ts while addressing at multilateral platforms with cross country research analysis

Model Certificate Given to The Participated Candidates On International Mother Earth Day

Model Certificate Given to The Participated Candidates On World Habitat Day

United Nations Association – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (UNA-AP&T) – UNA VARSITY Location :

Nairobi House

Our work forces are bringing With a specific fixed thought in exchange of the culture, and as per the High commission of KENYA letter dated 20th February 2018 stating that to have collaboration in SDG’s 14,16 and 17, Indo Afro relationship,UNEP activities,Status of Women and Bio-Diversity( CBD) . It is clearly planned from 2017 year to have this house to partner with Nairobi university and UNEP  action oriented programmed  areas. . In this context the Excellency office of the Kenya who is the member of Africa union has visited on 10th February 2018 to  our identified  location and expressed their interest to associate in connecting on the UN global goals and their allied. Further decided to have the students exchange program,woman empower, and to bring youth declarations on par with the Geneva declarations with inclusiveness of the united Nations objectives and their global goal’s .  We are considering to construct the world class building at Atmakuru on our one among corridor’s such as Ahobilam to Achampet

Nairobi House

This house is fully be considered as immunity zone with the permission of ministry of external government of India and the Kenya high commission.
Since this place is abutting to the Forest, it is very prominent location for educating and for the research activities including the respective field understandings The following Body shall head with a due diligence and permissions as per the act

Kenya High commission Committee
UNEP authorities
UNA TODAY for Better Tomorrow
Nairobi University
ICSTI science for all

Location : Nairobi House : 1283/A1 Jaya Dev Gardens, Radhapuram Sripati Rao Peta chowrasta, Atmakuru Kurnool Dt., AP,India

#Congress Continent Committee

The C3 shall arrive the practicalities of the practices of Paris to understand the various cross country research required related domains among three continents.

Asia Continent Committee

Our respective core team will be contacting in Asia with the officials of the academic , multi lateral experts in arriving the challenges and opportunities of respective member states of geographic conditions

Europe Continent Committee
Africa Continent Committee
Local to Global

One has to think globally Act Locally, Unite Equally, care our mother earth carefully

The C3 shall arrive the practicalities of the practices of Paris to understand the various cross country research required related domains among three continents.

Cross Learning Knowledge Sharing

Asia Pacific Work Station

Location : Survey No 236. opp Nandi statue,Near Mahanandi Temple, Mahanandi,Kurnool Dt., AP, India

We the different domain team of dedicated academic experts are working as thought leaders in social, science, policies and politics governance on the transition of green /blue / circular Economy for the Sustainable Development to eradicate the poverty in connection with social dimensions linked with natural capital on the commalities in the interest of the globe. We are uniquely positioned in bringing the cross country research analysis on the Earth, space and beneath earth without disturbing the nature.
In this context we have selected the Mahanandi area situated at survey number 236 Kurnool district Andhra Pradesh India South Asia. This area will be representing on behalf of Asia
The Mahanandi declaration will be bringing and the same will be established in the platform of multi lateral agencies to shape better policies for the better life of the human well being

#Mahanandi Declaration

# Mahanandi declaration shall be positioned an unique working paper with a specific scientific method of approach and the same will be show cased before UN member states. The followed approach procedures of the corridor of #Ahobilam to Achampet workings of the Eco Spiritual tourism with inclusiveness of SDG’s are fully compared with the cross country research analysis from the other different countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa corridors. The specialty of the Declaration reads and explains to the every community that how Mahanandi stands its first to follow among others

Explained our concept note for approval at Icsti Member states
Explained our concept note and the same has been forwaded to 22 member countries including India that the project s coming at Mahanandi as declaration
Explained and addressed even at Brics

This knowledge development #Mahanandi Declaration will be shared in the world through science for all of ICSTI union of 22 and 12 partner member states, United Nations association and civil society Center for Green Economy India and Switzerland. This is the highest opportunity for our community to understand to grow as world leaders. Further the secretary general United Nations association of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Ambassador green Economy diplomatic position of ICSTI Moscow has specifically selected as the corridor of #Ahobilam to Achampet. This corridor concept note has designed and submitted for the permissions after intial dialogues with the local, and international bodies. The concept note has been discussed and submitted at the science for all for the implementation.The same has been sent to 22 countries science authorities of the government including India.. Hence this corridor is named as Ahobilam to Achampet with a center of Mahanandi to bring as Mahanandi declaration