18th Spiritual Goal is Low Hanging fruit

The SDG’s are Universal and integrated , relevant to all people every where. building the relationship and following to continue for the coming generations in reserving the resources. I as an individual use to think that how to control the mind pollution rather than the polluters. Reached to a fixed thought during my vigorous (25years) services to the community at different locations of India and at other countries that the Faith community based system is the best to follow. Further jumped to a opinion that it is high time to move forward to have a Thee concept mode after following the walks of life of Freedom fighters visionary of My Grand Father (four brothers) from Anantapur District, The method one is Think Globally, Act Locally, Unite Equally, Care our Mother earth care fully second one is that come what may Never stop or give up the empathetic, passionate and professional thoughts in reserving the resources for the coming generations With a caption that The going Get Tough, but The tough Gets Going in reaching the goals of SDG’s

Third one Take a support of State, Central, Civil society without any financial implications except local logistics and technical support as stake holder in performing the activities of the UN objectives and observance of the UN days with a follow up working papers on SWOT analysis for the community development.

During this situation we gave a thought that the Faith Community base play a vital role in implementation of SDG’s are most important in line with the statement of the then our Excellency UN Secretary General Kofi Annan but How to move is a million dollar question. In this regard we propose to have a paper submission of requirement to have 18th goal as spiritual goal.

with a method of 18th goal is a low hanging fruit,

Spirituality is an essential goal to be striven for by all. Spirituality is not an emanation from any relegion, it is rather the developing of a mindset that teaches us to understand, and live in peace with, Nature and all life around us. It encourages us to question everything and to let reason  and rational logic guide us. It enjoins us to learn from our mistakes with out regret and to live in the present while being optimistic about the future. It unites us all and gives is an inner peace. Therefore spirituality makes us better citizens of the world and enables us to make the world a better place for all. As an old saying goes, – We are not human beings who go through a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings who go through a human experience.